Meet Floyd

What once started off as a photography partnership with my wife Katie, transformed into a photography and filmmaking power couple.  With our family growing everyday, we deeply appreciate those special memories that only happen once.  It's my passion to document all those moments and create a film perfect for you that will last a lifetime.

a father, husband, and free spirited creator specializing in heart-centered films for wedding couples and creative entrepreneurs.

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Meet Our Team

Lead cinematographer, Director + Visionary


With a love for life, God, self discovery and growth, he can be often found reading books/tech articles, spending time in nature or visualizing new strategies.  Intuitive yet logical, his  sharp mind, deep imagination and open heart together create the perfect landscape to create heart felt love stories.

2nd shooter cinematographer + lead photographer


She's had an eye for photography ever since she was a little girl as she walk around with her little point and shoot camera taking pictures of everything.  This eye for art easily translates when she's helping Floyd film weddings.  Particular and focused, you can often find her in her note pad planning her next move.

our brady bunch

the tribe

With a tribe this large, there's never a dull moment in our house lol.  They each are so special in their own way and we are so blessed to have them as children.  Lovers of the beach, outdoors and music like ourselves, we often find ourselves getting lost in the moment keeping up with our brady bunch lol.  We don't know what we'd do without them.

The Beach

There's no better place for me to decompress and reset from life than the beach.  Soaking in the sun, swimming in the water with the family, and watching sunsets is food to my soul and there's no other place we would rather be.

when it comes to peace and relaxation, the beach is my happy place

Family Time

No matter how tired I am, no matter how stressful some days may be, getting a big hug from one of my babies makes everything right.  With my father passing at 5yrs old, I missed out on growing up with a father.  I take pride in giving my children & my wife my all striving to be the best father/husband I can be.

when life gets tough and everything seems like it's not going right, family will always be there to make things right


It's hard to put into words what happens at a drum circle.  With the Djembe being so deeply rooted in earth/ancestral energies, when people come together and drum, magic happens.  The combination of the deep tones and high slaps creates an environment for dancing, releasing, energizing, healing, fun and play.  There's nothing like playing your heart out on your Djembe.

you haven't experienced all of life's wonders yet if you haven't experienced the power of a drum circle.


Growing up in 90's, sports has always been the foundation of outside play. For many years Football was my favorite sport but in recent years basketball has stolen my heart. Being gifted athletically, basketball keeps my body strong and my mind sharp. Winning some games in cool fashion isn't bad for the self-esteem either haha ;)

the perfect combination of great cardio, hand and eye coordination training and competitiveness to keep me going

Music Production

Even though my father didn't have the opportunity to teach me music, God gifted me with the ability to create music in many forms.  I use my beloved workstation to record clients and bring their visions to life as well as create my own.  Being able to express your soul through music is an incredible feeling.

channeling life's experiences, healing and sharing your heart is what makes making music so freeing and uplifting

Port Charlotte, FL

Almost considered a tradition, going to Port Charlotte is something our family looks forward to every year. There's just something special about those palm trees, ocean enhanced air, sunsets, and the  warm waters of Florida that just makes everything better. We hope to live in Florida one day and experience the joy everyday!

every year we look forward to getting away from life for a few weeks and enjoy the good weather, water and vibes

 Our Philosophy

heart centered visions

Our philosophy is catered around love, connection and understanding.  We want to connect with our clients and get to know them on a deeper level than just business.  To understand who you are and how we can come together to bring your visions to life.  We strive to make sure every one of our clients feel comfortable and satisfied during the planning/creation process.

Having a large family of all different ages, we understand the importance of documenting precious memories.  We take pride and joy in going above & beyond to create your very own wedding film that you can enjoy over and over again with your family and friends.  We want you to let go, be present and enjoy your special day in every way.

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We'd Love To Work With You!!!

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